Monday, December 13, 2010

Embarking on an Epic Journey

I have been so fortunate in life and have had many incredible adventures. However, probably the biggest adventure of my life is about to begin. Wait, you ask, how can it get any better? Maybe South America? Maybe Africa? Heck, maybe around the world?

Well, you'll have to keep guessing for a little bit longer before I spill the beans! Just know that it is going to be huge, wonderful and awesome.

More to come.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zion Boot Run

Moving from the Goldwing to the BMW F650GS I found my feet not at all happy. They got wet and cold, very, very cold. With all the protection along with the venting of engine heat to the feet, I was totally comfortable with my old riding boots on the Goldwing. Never got wet or cold even in the worst conditions. Not so on the BMW. No foot protection equals very cold feet. So, I purchased new boots. Oh yeah baby, some really hot, smoking Italian boots. Officially, Dainese Women's Grace D - Waterproof Boot. Oh boy, waterproof and insulated and very fashionable too! Bitchin boots.
I put them on as soon as they arrived and danced around the house the rest of the afternoon. Occasionally, going out to the garage to sit on the bike and make motorcycle noises. Gee, this was big fun. New boots!

Well, the next day was brilliant. Sunny and warm and I was headed out to meet my motorcycle gang, the Drifters, for lunch. [side note: I'll blog about the Drifters some day - suffice it to say, we're all old but still love to ride and especially love to eat] Since it was so beautiful out and I had new boots, I decided to ride to lunch. I got all geared up and headed out. Right away I noticed that feeling for the shifter was entirely different with new boots. The Dainese boots are much heavier and thicker than what I had been wearing. Okay, this is going to take a bit of getting used to.

Lunch was fun. I think about 20 folks showed up and we all had a good time. Some of the Drifters hadn't seen the new BMW so it was show-off time. New bike, new boots, it doesn't really get much better :-)

After lunch, I decided it was much too nice outside to go to work, so I aimed the BMW toward Zion National Park. A very pleasant ride, virtually no traffic and nothing but sun. When I arrived at the park entrance, I had a nice chat with the Ranger as we both watch a big doe walk across the road right behind my bike. Hmmmmm......

I took the lower canyon which is open to traffic from November until the end of March or thereabouts. I ride here alot so was cautious as I entered areas I knew to be deer fields. Imagine my surprise when I had to stop for this - a turkey crossing. Heck, darn, there were probably 40 big, dumb turkeys!!!

Okay, no problem. Plenty of time to stop and watch the silly birds. After they finally all got across the road, I proceeded with caution. Maybe 30 - 35 mph and constantly sweeping my eyes from side to side to catch any movement. Yup, sure enough, there they were. About a BAZILLION of the little suckers.

Yikes! Several were on the road, so close I could have touched them. On high alert, I proceed down the canyon to the end. Oh, so incredibly beautiful. Zion, at any time of year, is a wonderland. The next few photos are at the end of the lower canyon. This is an area where the rare California Condors nest. I've seen them here a few times and it is simply spectacular. Not today though. Pretty much had the park to myself. A few visitors and surprisingly, no other motorcycles.

Heading back out of the canyon, I stopped to take some scenic shots. Too bad I'm not a great photographer with a good camera. But these will have to do :-)

Zion is simply fabulous anytime of year. I'm very fortunate to live so close.

I simply refer to it as "The Park." There are still many places in the Park that I have yet to discover. One day, I'll actually get off the motorcycle and walk around, maybe even......heaven forbid.....take a real hike into some of the Park's wonders.

On the ride out of the lower canyon I spied even MORE forest rats. Ten Bazillion more. That old wives tale about deer coming out in the morning and late afternoon is just old wives tale. They are everywhere, all the time. And boy, are they STUPID. I wish I had a wide angle to show you just how many deer there were. Just about every turn revealed another bazillion deer in a field, oh, and on the road. Dumb animals.

Blurry picture, but between the trees is a pretty big buck. Nice rack. (See girls can say that too).

Exiting the park, I snapped a few more photos. What an incredible place. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to visit Zion.

So, to wrap up, the new boots are awesome. I've had them on all day both riding and walking (and sitting during lunch) and not a complaint. They fit well and kept my tootsies warm. Well, it wasn't really COLD out so I guess the cold test will have to wait. And, I have no idea if they are really waterproof. Again, that test will have to wait. I have high hopes though. They are very comfortable not to mention stylish and hot. They go well with my silver/black gear. Duh, they are black. LOL.
I only rode about 120 miles but every mile was a huge smile. I'm loving the new F650GS and the new boots.
Stay turned - next blog will probably be Farkle Fest I.