Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wild Wild West Rally is just a few days away

I'm sure I'm totally insane. Having completed the Utah 1088 Rally, I'm now going to attempt the Wild Wild West Rally which is 32 hours and a minimum of 1,340 miles plus an undisclosed number of bonus points in order to be considered a finisher. Hmmmmmmm.......riding through Nevada, Utah, California in 100+ degree heat. Should be a ton of fun. I really, really, really want to be a finisher. Place doesn't matter, finish does. Hope I can do it. Oh, and have safe, fun first and always.

In preparation for this rally, I have new tires, extensions on the highway pegs, new front end suspension, a myriad of little upgrades (that cost a ton!), new safety lights on the trunk, kickstand extender (which was a must because the bike leaned over too far and I had trouble picking it up a few times).

Tomorrow to the Honda shop to have the accessory bar installed along with the Zumo 550, XM antenna and Spot Tracker ram mount. Then, other than fuel (I can't forget the extra gas can), luggage, food, water and ice, I'll be ready to go.

The cast of characters both hosting and attending the event should make this a fun, silly, never to be forgotten rally. I've been advised to first come with fresh tires (which I have), gambling skills (which I think I have), roping or lassooing (sp) skills (which I know I don't have) and be prepared to re-live the old Wild Wild West (which I think I'm prepared to do).

I have to admit that the thought of riding after dark through open range/deer country has me intimidated. Fortunately, I've been on many of the roads I suspect will be on the route. But, I know that some of these roads are truly open range with cows, wild horses, wild burros and deer. Not to mention coyotes, jack rabbits, bunnies and assorted other critters, including wild turkeys. Oh heck, there is also that Rachel thing, the UFO night, hahahahahaha, oh yes, Nevada Hiway 6 could prove very, very interesting. A bazillion miles long with nothing but critters and UFO's. No gas, no homes, no anything. Fun, fun, fun. (Yes, I am crazy).

Too bad I haven't had the time or done the research to add aux lights to my bike. That will definitely be on the list to get done. However, I did add a thingy (don't you love my technical expertise?) that allows my fog lamps to stay on while on high beam. That should help some.

Got the LD Comfort long sleeve shirt and hope this works well for evaporative cooling. I'll bring along a squirt bottle so I can keep the shirt damp by squirting water up or down the sleeves and down the front and back. I'm hoping this will work because my evaporative cooling vest weighs a ton!!! And, I've never used it under my ATGATT. Heck, I guess if I get too hot, I'll stop and buy a bag of ice and stick it where I need it :)

So, there you go. I think I'm prepared or will be before take-off on Thursday. I plan to leave Thursday morning and take a leisurely ride to Ely - only about 250 miles from home. I will probably stop in Pioche at the Silver Cafe for breakfast and simply enjoy the ride. By arriving Thursday afternoon, I can enjoy visiting with the WWW staff, have a little casino action, have a few drinks and just have a good time in general.

Friday will bring the odo and tech inspection, the no drinks deadline and the pre-ride banquet followed by the riders meeting. I hope the rally hosts pass out rally packets on Friday. That would give me time to sort out some kind of route before take-off. We'll see.....

Saturday morning....take-off and ride. Should be a grand time. I'll post my view of the event with pictures sometime next week. I plan on attending the post-ride banquet on Sunday evening so I won't head home until Monday. Gee, my clients don't really understand my passion........

Thanks for reading and more later. Cletha

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