Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Visit to See My New Ride

Since I was already in Southern California, I decided to go another 150 miles and check out my new BMW F650GS which is currently stabled at San Diego BMW Motorcycles. Following my 200 mile test ride several weeks ago, I pulled the trigger and ordered a 2011 with all options except the tire pressure monitoring system. Now, I'm second guessing my decision on that! Oh well. The bike arrived at Gary Orr's dealership and is staying there until all the farkles and goodies are installed.
I can hardly wait to get it home and start putting on the (s)miles.
The photos show a bare bike, waiting to be well dressed. To that end, I'm adding a boatload of extras. Well, to be honest, almost everything is an "extra" for this model. I want it to be a comfortable long distance mount so I'm having a custom seat made by Cee Bailey. Yes, they do more than windscreens! Hopefully, the seat will be finished and returned to San Diego for installation prior to delivery.
A list of some goodies:
BMW aluminum saddlebags and topcase (I love that rugged aluminum adventure look)
Bag liners
Heated Grips
Taller V-Stream windscreen
Mirror extenders
BMW hand-guards with spoilers
Mounting cradle and wiring for Zumo
Spot tracker mount
CB Radio
HID High and Low beam conversion
HID Running lights
Headlight guard
Engine protection guards
Skid plate
Throttle Lock
J&M audio integrator with cables
LED brake light with harnessFront mudguard extender
Heated clothing harness
Volt meter
Pivot pegs
Bar Risers
Everything is either already at the dealer or backordered. Gary's terrific parts guy, Sean, has taken good care to see that I'm getting everything I ordered. We spent a lot of time going over various parts and scrutinizing different ideas on how to best set up the bike. I'm pleased to say that San Diego BMW did a lot of research to come up with the best solutions. Of particular importance is the low electrical power output compared to the goodies I wanted to add - i.e., heated gear plug, HID light conversion, aux lights, Zumo, XM, CB, etc. And, of course, I want to run all the power gear at the same time! Gary and Sean came up with excellent solutions and we added a volt meter just so I can keep tabs on the power output.
Another area we spent quite a bit of time discussing was the ergonomics of the bike. Thus, we added bar risers to bring the handlebars closer to me and pivot pegs to lower the pegs a bit. We also added the taller windscreen and custom seat. I think I'll be happy with these modifications at the end of the day.
Once I get the bike home, I'll be adding a 4 gallon aux fuel cell to be mounted over the pillion seat using a custom (to be fabricated) bracket. Once complete, it should be an ultimate Long Distance machine.
I'm terribly impatient and want it NOW, but I hope to take delivery sometime after November 11. I'll post an update and more photos when I actually get to throw my leg over the saddle and ride into the sunset.


  1. The new ride looks great !!! Is this the new rally ride ?

  2. Right on, Cletha. Seems like you're going to have one helluva bike when it's all said and done.

  3. I have a Zumo 550. I'm Garmin dumb, so that is what I have and I'll live with it and maybe figure it out.

    @Carl - might be the new ride. We'll see when I get it home and have some miles on it. I love the Wing and am comfortable on it so - we'll see. No comment there yet.

    @ Jason, I think you're right. One hellavu ride when I get it home. Can't wait!

  4. Maybe we'll have to do a small bike (650cc) gathering somewhere. I just spent a day welding the things I broke while dual sporting my F650 last summer. A few more maintenance items to go and I'm ready to go.


  5. Looks good already, but it will be fun to see the completed product!

  6. Very cool ride! I tried a trail the other weekend, but the rocks were just too lose for the Wing so I had to turn around.

  7. Sounds fantastic, Cletha! Hmmm, Nov 11th... so you should be able to ride it to Pinks?!

  8. Outstanding, Cletha! That's sure a 'boatload' of farkles -- are you going to tow an aux generator?

  9. Hahaha. Yes, a very small alternator for all the goodies. Thus, the volt meter. I think the SD BMW guys got it all figured out. They did tons of research on the power pull of everything.

    I'm really hoping to ride it to Pink's. We'll see. 10 to 12 more days - maybe :-)

    @Tim - sounds fun, but I'll take this little bike anywhere I'd take the big one and even more places - like dirt roads.

    @John - I HATE gravel roads on the Wing, although I have done some. Even rough road construction gives me the heebie geebies on the Wing.