Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 IBA International Meet - The Fun Continues - August 22, 2014

Saturday morning and it appears pretty much everyone is up early and ready for seminars, classes, demonstrations, food and socializing.  I caught a photo of Barb Smith and Chris Comley after breakfast.

As well as Lynne Carey and Rick Martin.
And, Bob Scott with Chris Purney.  No, it's not Christmas despite the evergreen trees covered in lights.  Chris has his new Harley on display in the atrium.  It's not really a 2007, this is his new bike and I think it's a 2014.  Sweet ride, Chris :-)
I managed to get a few moments with Dave McQueeney where I learned all about his new bike.  What?  New bike you say?  Yeppers, Mr. McQueeney has a brand, spankin' new BMW.  How in the world am I going to recognize him on the road anymore if he's not riding that cool, vintage Dakar?  Betcha he puts around 400,000 miles on the new ride before he gets another :-)
The Boge family, Michael, Aanvel and Laura fresh from mountain climbing and para-sailing in the French Alps.
Some of the Ladies of Gerlach.  Oops, Ladies of Denver, Lisa Hart Stevens and Lorraine Hickey.  Looks like they are behaving today.  Let's see what tomorrow brings :-)
Awwwwwww......Tobie and Lisa Stevens........awwwwwwww!
A big part of any convention, meeting, gathering, etc. is FOOD and we had plenty.  This is a shot of the Lunch with Legends buffet.

We were honored to sit at the same table as Legend Nancy "Miss Kitty" Oswald.  John Cheney is barely visible behind the sign.
Jeff "Augie" Augustine and Bill "Moose" Watt also dined with Miss Kitty.
Bill Thweat in his usual flashy attire with Joel Rappaport.  These two fine gents road to Prudhoe Bay and back together.  Joel's WeeStrom was featured in the atrium.
I attended Linda Lahman's seminar on "The Winner's Mind."  It was very, very good.  As a matter of fact, later in the day while chatting with folks, I caught myself using some of the techniques she talked about.  Good job, Lynda and thanks for all the great tips.
Hahahaha, I love this picture!  Erik Lipps and Jerry White look like they just swallowed the canary.  Wonder what they were BSing about before I caught them, lol.
Lynda Lahman and Bob Mutchler at the book signing table.  Lynda wrote "From Iron Lung to Iron Butt, Riding Polio Into History", a book based on Bob's struggle and life with polio.  I haven't read it yet but I'm sure it's going to be a great story.  After all, Bob is a great guy!
Here are some random shots of the Atrium and vendors.  Oh yes, we dropped a bit of cash here.  New Held waterproof gloves for me and a new Sena 20 comm system for Eric and me.  Vendors were giving a 20% discount to attendees and I think we all benefited from that.  I spied lots folks carrying out new gear and farkles.

Time for the big entertainment event of the day, Cop Cones!!  Here, Laura Boge is pacing off the course.  At the 2012 meet she rode her razor scooter into a top finishing position and she is determined to do well this year on her brand, spanking new dirt bike!

Some random pictures of the cop cones course and spectators.
And here comes the first competitor.  Each rider had two attempts on the course.  Points were deducted for hitting a cone or putting a foot down.  Instant elimination for dropping the bike.
Sorry, but I'm not sure who all the riders were.  There were three Harleys.

Gary Moore is shown here riding is ancient Goldwing.  He rocked the course.  This GW has been around the world and has an impressive history.  It was also in an early Iron Butt Rally (along with Gary).  Sorry I don't have the details but it will probably come out in the next Iron Butt Magazine.
Rider on a Honda ST1300 impressing all the spectators.
One of two BMS GS's
Hehehehehe, Jerry White shows us how to ride the cop cones on a Honda GL1800.

And here comes Laura Boge (10 or 11 yrs. old) on her new bike.  She was AWESOME!!  Of course, the crowd was cheering wildly but little Laura was all focus and smoked the course.

Another Goldwing 1800, this was Marc Beaulac.

Bob Scott shows us how to ride a Harley through the Cop Cone course!

Jerry White's second round.

Laura smoking dead man's curve on her second round.
Marc Beaulac on his second attempt.

The crowd was loving the cop cone entertainment!
Bob St. George secretly walks the cop cone course behind the real riders!  LOL

Robert Reil rocking the course would be the eventual winner!  Way to go Robert!!!!!  Little Laura Boge came in 3rd :-)
I felt a little tap on my shoulder and turned around to find.......drum roll please..... Kate Johnston!!!!  Only the first woman to complete an ultimate UCC - Key West to Prudhoe Bay, AK and back again.

Mark Crane had a bit of an issue while riding the cop cone course!

After cop cones, Kate and I found a quiet corner to have some girl talk.  Well, we did talk about motorcycles, gear, rides, challenges, get-off's, motorcycle traveling and, well, you get the gist :-)
Eric, Steve Aikens and Rod Schween shooting the bull.
And that about wraps it up for today.  We had a great banquet dinner and Tim Masterson gave a fantastic talk about George Wyman.  Keep tuned for more on this.  George Wyman was an original Iron Butt Rider back in 1903.  Tim and a few other folks have come up with a new George Wyman challenge, an extreme coast to coast the hardway from San Francisco to New York and a George Wyman Grand Tour.  We'll be seeing more information about these two rides soon.  It really got me thinking about a possible ride for me!

Tomorrow will be our last day.  The schedule is chalk full of meetings, seminars and food sessions.  Check back later for an update on the blog and hey folks, thanks so much for following along!



  1. It was so incredibly wonderful to meet you Cletha! You are awesome and one of my heroes! I hope to meet up with you again soon! ride on my whistle blowing friend, ride one! :) *toot toot*

  2. Oh, Kate, you are one of MY heroes! You are a super, wonderful woman who rides like the wind. So glad we had a few minutes of sit down time. Toot, toot! Keep that whistle close :-)

  3. Thanks Bob. Was so fun to see you in Denver and cheer for you in the Cop Cone course!