Saturday, April 9, 2016

Phoenix Bike Week - Day 5

Can you believe it?  Day 5 already.  Tomorrow, Sunday will be the last day and then we head home on Monday.  Which way we go will depend on our mood and the weather.  We don't have to be home until Wednesday, so we will see!

Now, Day 5.  Our commute this morning was a breeze and we made it to the venue within a reasonable amount of time.  The parking lot attendants tried to make us park in the bike parking area but we just shouted "Vendor" and rode on to the place we've been parking all week.  Just outside the gate and a quick jaunt to our booth.  Yippee!

It was a significantly different crowd today.  More "normal" looking people and the Maximal Tours booth had it's busy moments.  There were still plenty of interesting people to watch!

Eric and I walked out to our bikes for some water and as we walked by the Jack Daniels booth it was cordoned off and this is what we saw!  A swarm of bees decided to take up residence and shut down the JD Distillery Tour trailer.  Wow!  I've never seen this before.  Here is the close-up thanks to the zoom on my little point and shoot camera.
 And here is the actual view from our vantage point.  Yikes!!!
 Eventually, they were able to subdue to bees with some kind of spray and the JD folks were able to re-open their display.  We even had a JD Vice President come to our booth and chat about tours for quite a while. He was a really nice dude, looking for a retirement ride in the next year or two.

Here are just some random pics of the event.  We had purchased a nice hard pack ice cream cone and I snapped some pics as we walked around slurping our ice cream :-)
 Lots of food options.  However, an ice cream was $6 and a gourmet hotdog was $12.  Better have your money belt on if you wanted to eat.  Oh, the cheap beer was $6 and I have no idea what the pricier booze cost.
 Go AZ was there with a nice booth.
 More random shots...

 Today was the bike show with all the custom bikes competing for a trophy.  It was fun to walk through and see all the different bikes.

 And then, remember?  I told you about the dirt bike jumper boys?  Well here they are!
 Yeah, those are his feet in the air!
 The landing....

 And then, back at our booth, we spotted this big, no giant, pink boob.  I kept trying to get a decent photo but peeps kept getting in the way or the gal wouldn't turn the right direction.
 Oh, there you go. And, believe me, this was tame compared to what we saw yesterday.  I'm such a naive delicate flower :-)
 Hey, a gal on her pinked and blinged out Harley!
 Ooops, boobie gal again!  Jeez, I saw so many big boobs in bustiers I almost felt I should go buy a pair!
 A very cool HD with sidecar.  This guy was all over the show in his wheel chair and then he rides out of the venue in this!  How awesome.
 Eric and Barry very busy in the Maximal Tours booth!
 One of the jumper dudes.  He was surrounded by young, twenty something gals :-)
 Oh, the gal in red, what a look.  The sides of her head were shaved and she had two little pony tails on the top of her head.  That and leather pants, halter top and clunky boots.  She was rockin' the look.

 These three were all sporting unique looks!
So, that's it for pictures today.  However, I had a very unique moment today.  One that I'm sure will never, ever be repeated.  Remember, I told you we had the Hell's Angels on one side?  Well, today was Scotty's birthday and they surprised him with a cake.  I joined them to sing Happy Birthday and later had a nice conversation with Scotty.  Huh?  Me hanging out with the HA?  Hahahahha.  That one goes in the memory book!  No pics because I learned that was verbotten!  So, the pics I got the other day were all in stealth mode ;-)

I also learned that the "Punishers" are Law Enforcement gangs, if you will.  I posted their picture yesterday.  Seems there were quite a number of LEO groups at the show which slowed down the HA sales.  Interesting dynamics.  Gosh, what I've learned this week!  Oh, also, yesterday the police came down our street with the bomb sniffing dog.  Honestly, they did a double walk by the HA booth!

All in all, it was a great day.  We had lots of interaction with folks seemingly interested in taking a European Tour.  I met a ton of peeps from all walks of life, saw lots of different styles and got sunburned feet.  It was a great day.  Tomorrow, I may have to wear my Sidi Adventure Rain boots cause, man, my feet are hot (red). 

Our ride home was pleasant with no real traffic to worry about, hooray!  We ordered Papa John's pizza, pigged out and now I'm ready for bed!

Thanks for following along on this very different journey with me.  Jeez, if I were a Deadhead I would say "What a long strange trip it's been."

Cheers and more tomorrow,

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