Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6, 2014 - The Party's Over, Time to Head Home

Another good night sleep and we were up packing our stuff.  Today is a ride day.   We were sad to leave our delightful hosts, but our vacation time is running short and we need to make movement toward home.

We didn’t dawdle, but we didn’t hurry either.  Tyler supervised Eric oiling my chain.  We loaded up the bikes, donned our riding gear and headed out.

 Before leaving, we placed a Big Tex Rally sticker at the entrance to the Zimmerman abode.  Possible rally bonus location?

We consulted a map with Tyler to pick our route for the day.  We headed south on Highway 95 and then east on Highway 12.  We stopped for brekkie at some small town café that had great food.

Today was mostly just ride to get some miles behind us and fewer miles in front of us.  We watched the landscape change from thick evergreen forest to lush rolling hills.

We stopped briefly at the hill overlooking Lewiston, ID.  Fantastic views from here.  Note the roads twists and turns, this is the famous "Spiral Hwy" that many a motorcyclist has ridden up and down.


We also left a DPK sticker at this scenic overlook at the top of the Spiral Hwy.

The roads were fair to good and traffic was surprisingly light considering it was the end of a holiday weekend.  It seemed that most traffic was headed north while we were headed south.  I didn’t mind that at all.

The scenery changed from green forest and ranches to rolling hills of alfalfa, canola, wheat and other crops.  The weather was sunny with a few clouds and the temperatures elevated as the day wore on.  At the hill above Lewiston, it was about 86 degrees and when we descended to the valley, it was 98 degrees!  I was glad when we began to climb out of the valley again as the temperatures subsided a bit back down to 86 or so.

We pulled into Grangeville, ID around 5 pm and rode through the small town checking out our lodging choices.  I hadn’t made any motel reservations for our return trip once we were back in the US.  I really didn’t think we would have a problem getting a room.  So, a lap through the thriving community of Grangeville yielded a Super 8 and an independent Elkhorn Inn.  We choose the independent.  They are in the process of remodeling and we have a lovely room.  The rest of the motel is not nice at all!  But our room is new, clean, nicely decorated and appointed.  I like this much better than the Super 8.

Now, we’re off on foot to find some dinner, early to bed and early to rise tomorrow.  We plan on riding Lolo Pass and want to start early to avoid traffic.  I’m very excited about tomorrow’s ride!


Cletha (currently in Challis, ID on the way home)

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  1. Whee!!! Lolo Pass is on our list for our September trip. Getting SO excited!

    Oops, sorry, I know you are just home. I will try to contain myself. :D