Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014 - Home After 28 Days

After 28 days on the road, we're finally home.  Last night was spent at the Best Western in Nephi, UT, a motel we've stayed at several times in the past.  Only 250 miles to home, but last night we were done and needed to stop.  The heat really wore us out.  You think we'd be used to the heat living in St. George, UT.  But, after all that time in the north, we were more used to the cool climate and I guess we will have to re-acclimate to the heat.

It's kind of funny, for about 24 of the 28 days on the road, I wore my heated jacket liner and kept my heated grips on.  Now, on the way home, I'm wetting down the LD Comfort top to stay cool and drinking a ton of ice water.

Our final stretch on I-15 to home was uneventful.  Well, except for the grooved portions of the Interstate.  The Heidenau tires on my bike like to jump around on the grooves which makes me a bit uncomfortable, especially at 80 mph.  I'll be happy to put the Continental Trail Attacks back on the bike.

As we motored along the scenery became quite familiar.  No longer were there any forests, streams, lakes or green stuff.  Nope, it became dry with patches of farm fields, patches of sage and lots of hot.

We made a couple of rest stops along the way.  We weren't in a hurry, we didn't have far to go.  Traffic was light and we were making good time.  Oh, we slept in and didn't leave the motel until almost 10 am!!!  Man, it felt good to sleep in :-)

We stopped here for gas and thought this would make a good rally bonus location.

I mean, how many times have you seen a green bull with red horns and hooves? (His name was Felix!)

Back on the Interstate, we saw more of this. And knew we were close to home.
 It was this view that said "Welcome Home", our big red mountain.
Wow, what an adventure we've had.  28 days, two countries, six states, two Canadian provinces and two Canadian Territories.  How good is that?  Yup, it was super, awesome good.  

My odometer says I rode 7,820 miles.  My tires held up but the rear is now toast, (it did have 1k on it when we started).  However, it got me home :-)  My chain held up and I believe the daily squirt of lube made that happen :-)

My little 2011 BMW F650GS now has 81,594 miles on her and she ran like the little sewing machine she is.  Hooray, hooray, no GS problems!!

Eric's 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere now has 82,135 miles on it and also ran like a top.  He had some fuse issues but that was his own fault due to wiring an SAE plug backwards.  The unused plug was bouncing against the handlebar and grounding out.  Duct tape to the rescue!  No other issues.

Both bikes ran just fine.  Of course, they are filthy as is our gear.  My gear can stand in the corner or run around the block all by itself.  Ick!!!  I can't touch my bike without getting disgustingly dirty.  We will correct all of that soon.

Anyway, we're home safe and sound.  We had a trip of a lifetime.  We rode, we saw stuff, we talked to people, met new friends, encountered new challenges and had a freakin' fantastic time!

I will post an epilogue in a few days and talk about what did and didn't work.  What we took that we needed and what we took that we didn't.  I'll give an overview of all our good and bad choices.  But, for now, I think I'll go to bed, in our own bed, in our own home, surrounded by our familiar and comfortable things.

It's good to travel but it is also good to come home.

Thanks to all who have followed our adventure.  I'm thinking we might have another adventure or two in the future!

Cheers and goodnight,
Cletha (at home in Ivins, UT)


  1. Thanks for the very enjoyable read! I know what it takes to do that on a daily basis.

  2. Glad you had a great time and no issues along the way. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure, it was fun reading about it.

  3. Thanx for a most refreshing ride gracious lady.

  4. I've really enjoyed following your trip.Thanks for taking us along and welcome home.

  5. Welcome home Cletha and Eric (and bikes)! I'm sort of sad that my daily dose of adventure is over... When will you be traveling again... ;) It has been a true pleasure to follow along and I thank you for letting me be your "couch pillion". Now get some rest and clean up girl!

  6. Cool adventure. See you at HW3
    Bob T

  7. Great reading and glad you & E are back home safe. I'm headed up to BC in August as part of a general rideabout that will end in Denver for the national before heading back home.

  8. Glad you made it home OK and did not get bitten by any mechanical gremlins. Enjoyed following your ride, thanks for the great write-ups and pics!

  9. Thanks everyone! We'll be riding to Colorado for How the West Was Won in a couple of weeks and I'll try to keep up the blog. I really appreciate you all following us and your comments. Cheers!

  10. What a great ride and read! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely follow along on your new adventures. Cheers, Lynne