Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gerlachfest 2014 - September 26, 2014 - Peeps Start Rolling In

I woke up to a chilly but clear morning.  With just over a hundred miles to go, I wasn't too worried about making time.  I had a carb laden brekkie compliments of the Best Western and then got busy packing up my gear.  I put on my heated jacket and later, on the road, I was sure glad of it!  I headed out and before long I was on Highway 447, the road to Gerlach!  Little to no traffic made for a very pleasant ride.  Light winds but nothing like the day before, thank goodness :-)

I took a little break to snap a few pics on the way to Gerlach.  Hahaha, my first ever attempt at a selfie.  Actually, this is a "helmie".

 A whole big bunch of nothing for miles and miles.  The clouds are starting to gather and the temps were slowly dropping.
 Yep, more nothing in this direction as well.
 The long, lonely road to Gerlach.
 A lonely, solitary glove stuck on a fencepost in the middle of nowhere.
 Just another view of the isolation.
 A bit of whimsy painted on some desert rock!
 I always get a giggle when I pass this :-)
 I had to stop and check out the new sculpture in Empire.
 LOL, I imagine is was used at Burning Man.  Good fun :-)
 And then.....I was there!  I rolled into Gerlach at noon.
 It had just started to spit some rain, so my timing was great.
 I wasn't the first to arrive but I was the fifth!  I found this motley crew at Bruno's Bar.  They kindly gave me the "salute" !!
 Not long after I arrived, in waltzes Warchild who also gave me a salute!
 Folks started to trickle in.  At Gerlach, you first go to the bar to get your room assignment.  The rooms are down the road a bit.  Mark Crane pulled up with his bike laden with red solo cups.  Hmmmm.....wonder what that's for......
 Folks doing what we do best, hanging out in the parking lot telling stories.
 This group did a drive by at the motel rooms.
 Uh oh, porch activities have already begun.

 Hahaha, Heidi always comes prepared :-)
 More pics of peeps telling stories and passing out red solo cups full of adult beverage.

 We moved the party back to the bar before our dinner feast.
 Getting silly...

 Dinner was followed by more story telling back at the motel rooms.  This is Burnie Sperry.  What a lover.  Tom and Rosie rescued him last year.  Some horrible, despicable person had poured lighter fluid on him and set him aflame. F**kers, I hope they rot in hell.  And thank you Tom and Rosie.  Burnie is a delight :-)
 Yeah, we're having a really good time.  I love this!  I haven't seen some of these folks in over a year and it's so wonderful to get caught up, have some hugs and a beverage or five.
 Yeppers, good peeps here!
So that's a wrap for Friday.  Tomorrow is a busy day.  Fortunately, Bruno has upgraded some things and we have wifi here!  Stay tuned folks, more fun stuff to follow :-)


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