Saturday, April 6, 2019

2019 IBA JAX Pizza Party Adventure - Day 11 - March 22, 2019

We got up this morning thinking we would do a tourist activity and then I realized I had planned poorly.  Our anticipated activity was 60 miles the wrong direction.  Oh pooh!  Never mind, the weather was glorious and we were going to take small roads all the way home.

We left The Best Western Crossroads Inn, Defuniak Springs, FL after a lovely brekkie and headed north on Highway 331.  The further north we rode the less traffic we encountered and the more fun the road became.  We continued home on Highway 10 and eventually the last leg home on Highway 45.  Although the sun was out it never really got warm so I stayed buttoned up the entire trip.

Sorry, didn't stop to take a single picture and lunch was simply a Subway sandwich.  No local color to show :-(  We made it home safely in time for dinner.  Our IBA JAX Pizza Party Adventure was over.  Man, did we ever have a great time.  Saw so many dear friends and made new one.  Saw new places, tried new things.  All in all, it was a wonderful adventure.  Here is a shot of our route!  We rode about 2,150 miles and had tons of smiles!

Thank you all so much for following along.  Since this post is so boring, I'm going to let you in on what's happened since we got home!

We finally took the Natchez Trail Hike that's located right behind our home!  It was a bit chilly but the sun was out and it was a perfect day for a hike and some adventure!

Some parts of the trail were a big soggy and wet but for the most part we managed to skirt them and get back on the trail.  Unfortunately on the return trip I stuck my foot in a wet spot and finished the hike with a damp foot!
It was beautiful and peaceful.
We found some wildflowers along the way.
And some big open spaces....

The Eastern Redbuds were blooming in a glorious way!
After our hike, a day or so later, Eric decided it was time to remove the metal posts stuck in our yard.  No, they were not lightening rods!  (And the ground rod for the meter/cable stuff is on the other side of the house)  They were installed by the previous owner for some sort of invisible dog fence.  He had removed a few others that were 2 - 3 feet long.  But the last two suckers, well, they needed the manly jack to remove.

Those posts were over 6 feet long!  Yes, SIX FEET!!!  Good thing I have a handy man who can tackle things like this :-)

A few days after the post removal, we decided it was time to explore Tupelo a bit more.  So we geared up and headed out to find some more Tupelo treasures :-)

We found this fine Caboose and decided it was a perfect photo opportunity or rally bonus (?).

Then, around the corner we found this gem, the iconic Silver Moon Club.  It's a private club that hosts private parties and often has Elvis impersonators as the main event.  It has fabulous murals and a giant guitar!
Here are some close ups of the guitar and the monument base.  Very cool stuff.

I absolutely love this caricature of Elvis, isn't it fantastic?
After all that hard work finding treasures in Tupelo it was time for ice cream at the Diary Kream!  Oh delish!  We had soft serve swirls, chocolate and vanilla, ice cream, YUMMY!  We've eaten here before and the burgers, tater tots and onion rings are to die for.  Come here, eat here!!!

So, that is the story.  We had a wonderful time at the Jax Pizza Party, then exploring Florida.  It was nice to get home and find some awesome spots in Tupelo.  Come here, visit here.  It is really a wonderful town!

Thank you so very much for following along.  We have more adventures lined up so stay tuned.


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