Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Candy Ass Adventure - August 14, 2019

I so enjoyed our stay at the Sunset Motel in Moriarty, NM.  I would definitely stay there again even though the brekkie was meager.  We managed to get out of the parking lot at 9 am and headed east on I-40 for about 60 or so miles where we then got off the Interstate onto US 84 which we intend to ride most way across the country.  We rode into a pretty dense fog and condensation began to build on our windshields and faceshields.  Of course, I-40 is always awful with lots and lots of semi trucks some of whom were great drivers and others not so much.

As a matter of fact the only fucktard I've encountered so far on this trip was on this section of I-40.  We were passing a semi in the left lane when the rental yellow box truck decided he wanted to be where I was.  Fucker!!! I moved left and laid on the horn.  Fucker!!!  Looked at me and got back in his own lane while waving and smiling.  FUCKER!  Don't wave and smile at me, you almost took me out.  GACK!!!  Anyway, I was delighted to get off the Interstate on on US 84.

That took us to Fort Sumner where we took a quick break and I snapped this pic.
 There isn't much to say about the ride.  The weather had turned lovely although promised to get hot later in day.  We just rode along pretty much by ourselves across the rather barren New Mexico high eastern desert.  Lots of decaying small towns which is sad.  We passed a few big stockyards and at least two huge dairies so the pungent fragrance of cow dung was prevalent in the air.

Road construction threatened to delay us but we got lucky and sneaked into the line just in time to get the last of the green light.  Construction ended a few miles later and then we were in Clovis, NM!  Just like that, hahahah.  By now we were getting a bit peckish and food was in order.  A quick glance at the GPS gave us the usual fast food and chain restaurants but then, Mom's Cafe stood out like a beacon.  Yes, we MUST go there!

Across to the east side of town and then just a bit south across the railroad tracks and there was Mom's Cafe.  A very non-descript brown brick building with a simple, worn sign out front, sharing space with the livestock auction.  Mom's parking lot(s) were jammed full of rancher pick up trucks and old four door Buicks. 

 Piles of cow poop littered the sidewalk and once we looked around we realized we were at the Clovis Livestock Auction!  Mom's is a very casual, no nonsense kind of place.  Mostly full with ranchers and cowboys, Mom's was doing a brisk business.
 Our waitress was quick with menus and drink orders.  Great menu with a large selection and best of all, they serve brekkie ALL DAY!  SCORE!!!!!!!!  And, even better, they have a 55+ menu so we ordered from that.  I got bacon and eggs with hashbrowns and a pancake.  Eric got the senior chicken fried steak lunch.  His lunch came with homemade chicken soup.
 Here's my brekkie - I'm a happy girl :-)
 Eric's main course with mashed potatoes covered in gravy and a side of fried okra (ick).  He loved every bit of it.  And, to finish, a chocolate chip cookie.  He was in heaven ;-)
 Lunch was spectacular!  Oh, you must go here if you like good old down home cooking.  I'd say it lacks atmosphere but that's not true at all.  It has lots of atmosphere and character!  There were cowboys, real cowboys, in their Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots and hat and SPURS!  Yes, some had spurs on their boots and it wasn't just for show, lol.  They weren't particularly young cowboys either, hahahaha.  Still sexy ;-)

 Don't think you can see them but there are cows back in there!
 Mom's Cafe parking lot.  Such an exciting life I lead, hahahaha.  This was a great stop and so glad we decided to try it.  We both kind of wondered as we rode through the not so nice end of town and then over the tracks.  But, all was good.  No, it was great!
Following lunch it was not a very exciting ride.  Just kind of slog along US 84.  However, we had now crossed into Texas and the speed limit was a refreshing 75 mph so we made good time.  We stopped for gas in Lubbock, TX and decided to go ahead and get a motel.  Our next opportunity for a motel was about 100 miles away and we were hot and tired (I was - don't know about Eric).

There were a number of motels within 2 miles of where we were getting fuel so we got online and picked a Days Inn.  Right before we left the filling station, we had a unique encounter.  Some guy in a pickup (not unusual in Texas) had turned around and pulled up next to us, got out of the truck with some stickers in his hand and said Howdy!  We said Howdy right back, lol.  He asked where we were going, etc.  You know, the usual stuff when someone is interested in you and your motorcycle.  So then he introduces himself as Luke from Rust, Inc.  He builds rat rods and rust buckets.  Jeremy Loveall, this is right up your alley!

Anyway Luke was all excited to meet us and chat and tell us about his company Rust, Inc. having a TV show.  We traded stickers (he got my DFF sticker) and we got a couple of his.  Fun encounter!!!

Back to the motel....we rode the 1.5 miles to the Day's Inn and tried to check in.  They didn't have any rooms ready. long.....maybe 45 minutes.....fine.....let us check in and we'll wait here until it's ready....fine.....not really.

I have to say that the dude at the front desk was probably the worst interaction I've had in some time.  He had no clue what was going on, didn't care if we got a room or not and was generally rude and not helpful.  Hmmmmmm.....

After about 40 minutes sitting in the non-airconditioned atrium I finally went to the front desk to inquire about our room.  This time I interacted with a woman and what do you know?  We can put you in this room.....Fine.  Thank you.  Oh, while we were waiting Eric went to find me a water and discovered the vending machines were virtually empty and the first few ice machines he checked were broken.  Hmmmmmm.......  He also warned me to not use the restroom in the atrium.   Hmmmmm........

Okay, know what?  We're here, we have a room, let's just go settle in.  Great.  We moved the bikes around the side of the building and were able to park right in front of our room.  I like that!  The room looked okay at first glance and we were both happy to get into a cool space and looked forward to getting out of our hot, stinky riding gear.

It didn't take long to figure out this was a PIT!  I first noticed water leaking out from the bottom of the fridge.  Okay, there was a dirty hand towel in the room (really?  yes really).  So I used that to mop up the water.  Hmmmmm..........

Then, I washed my hands, no cold water at the sink, only hot.  Okay.  I sat down, took off my boots and riding pants then stood up and immediately my feet were wet.  Fuck.....  Oh well, I got my street clothes and changed.  Then used the bath mat to soak up the water on the carpet.  Look at the results!  Yes, that was a clean towel when I put it down.  No so clean now.....GACK....URG..........

 Um...what's this on the curtain?  OMG, OMG, OMG.  Don't go there.  Don't touch.  Don't look.  Yes, I would say it's some fecal matter.  PUKE! 
 The bottom of my white socks (which were still white when I took them off) after walking on the wet carpet.  YIKES!
 Oh, the button to turn on the lamp was MIA.  Hahahahaha, why was I not surprised?
There were no bath towels, no washcloths, and only one hand towel so Eric went in search of some linens.  Oh, also no coffee cups or water cups or ice bucket liner.  Am I being too picky?

Well, heck.  This is without doubt the WORST PLACE EVER!  I've stayed in some pretty seedy, sketchy and icky motels but this really takes the cake.  We can't walk through the room without shoes.  The carpet is wet but a long, long, long way from clean.  The fridge leaks, no cold water in the sink, poop on the curtain, filthy floors and did I mention the strange happenings in the parking lot?  I double locked my bike and of course we always cover them.  Hope they are undisturbed in the morning.

Don't stay at the Lubbock Days Inn South - Days Inn - Lubbock.  Go somewhere, anywhere else.  Heck, sleep next to your bike in the park.  Just don't stay here.  As a matter of fact, I'm going to write Wyndham about this.  I never, ever leave bad reviews but this is truly a nightmare.  Especially after the lovely place we stayed last night!

Eric had left to go to the store so he could have some beverages.  Remember?  All the vending machines are empty.  Anyway, he brought home a frozen entree that we shared for dinner after he fixed the microwave so it would rotate.  That was fine and there were no nearby restaurants and neither of us wanted pizza.

At the end of the day, we had a wonderful ride today.  A magnificent score at Mom's Cafe and we got to meet some interesting peeps.  The scenery was a bit lacking at times but we are crossing the heart of the country and seeing things you only see on backroads.

I'm enjoying all of it, even the gross, disgusting room.  Hey, it kept you entertained for a minute or two, lol.   At least the air conditioner is working well.

We rode about 300 miles today and plan on doing the same tomorrow.  Our goal is Waco, TX.  Never been there!  Never been to Lubbock before either and don't need to see it again, lol.  All is good :-)

Stay turned to see if anything interesting happens tomorrow!



  1. Ok, if you're going to Waco, get your hotel and get cleaned up and then head down to the Magnolia compound downtown. It's the place run by the Chip and Joanna Gaines family from HGTV. Look for the grain silos downtown. You'll be glad you did. Dinner can be at their restaurant in the old historic Elite Circle Diner. Ask about it.

    1. Okay, great input. We'll see if that fits into our agenda if we actually end up in Waco. Thanks!

  2. Research here:

  3. Bummer about the motel, but the rest of your day sounds good! We have ridden 84 many times when we lived in GA. Some parts are entertaining, others, not so much. I'm interested to hear your opinion on Magnolia if you go there in Waco. We went last year...but I will reserve my opinion for now. 😊

    1. Ohhhhhh, reserved opinion, lol. Okay, fair enough. Hope we go and then we'll have an opinion too.

  4. I would have bet some serious money that the word "peckish" (By now we were getting a bit peckish and food was in order) didn't mean what you thought it meant. I'd never heard it used as anything but a synonym for "irritable," but I looked it up and you're right. It's mainly a British word suggesting hunger. Thanks, Cletha. You taught me something today. :)

    1. LOL, you're welcome Bob. I lived in London for about 8 months and that was one of the first words that caught my attention.

  5. Also in Waco is the Balcones Distillery, home to some particularly good whiskeys.

  6. Cletha, you said: "We passed a few big stockyards and at least two huge dairies so the pungent fragrance of cow dung was prevalent in the air."

    When I lived in Ft Morgan, CO, east of Greeley, we had 21 large dairies and five stockyards in the county to service Leprino Cheese and Cargill "Meat Solutions." Plus we had a Western Sugar beet processing facility. I was told that the odors were "the smell of money."

    1. LOL, yes, the smell of money but a pungent smell it is!

  7. Too bad you already left Lubbock. Visiting Buddy Holly haunts might have been fun? 6;16min "Not Fade Away" for your listening pleasure. A fine selection of many music styles to get you thru Texas.
    fran -purveyor of fine ear worms

  8. Yeah, darn. I really should do some research before we go somewhere so we can stop at all the cool places. The Buddy Holly haunts would have been a fun diversion!

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