Sunday, March 17, 2019

2019 IBA JAX Pizza Party Adventure - Day 4 March 15, 2019

Today is the big finale of the IBA JAX Party.  Riders who were out since yesterday at 6:55 am had been getting back to the host hotel in the wee hours of the morning.  Most were getting some sleep before they had to get scored on their Certificate Ride.  I was tasked with being a Scorer and Eric, after a light breakfast, was off to Ray King's Ride To Eat Lunch at Martins in Flagler Beach, about an hour and a half south of Jacksonville.

Starting at 10 am, riders were lining up in the hallway waiting their turn to be scored.  Most had happy faces so I'm going to assume they had a good time.  There were two different Saddle Sore 1000 rides and a couple of Bun Burner 1500 rides.  I was scoring the SS1000 riders.  The riders had to take a picture with their Rally Flag at various locations around Florida in order to qualify for the ride as well as ride the requisite number of miles.

Here are some pics of the scoring room.  First they enter the room, get assigned their appropriate score sheet and get sent to a scorer.  After they get scored, they get sent to another station where they picked up their swag and then finally to Mike Kneebone who captured their data in a spreadsheet to generate their certificates that will be awarded later this afternoon.

It worked like a well oiled machine.  No hiccups.  All riders were basically prepared with the proper pictures and receipts and those scoring, well, we've been to this rodeo a time or two!

Following scoring is free beer and then awards with a banquet later in the evening.  While waiting for Eric to return from his ride I took some time to catch up on blogging and spied this wonderful family taking a dip in the pool.  How fun is that?

Meanwhile, Eric was off the the lunch RTE at Martin's at Flagler Beach, a fish and seafood place (heavy on the fried stuff!).  He was kind enough to contribute these photos.  First we have pics of the St. Augustine Lighthouse & museum.

And then Martin's.  A number of peeps, maybe 25 or so, were able to make the RTE, easily negotiating around the road construction on A1A, ensuring everyone had a good time.

With scoring finished and Eric back at the host hotel, it was yet again time to be social.  We finally got to meet Gabe Carrera.  Gabe is an awesome LD/Iron Butt Rider that is not only an attorney advocating for motorcyclists but also puts on events!  Check out his website sometime.

Soon enough is was FREE BEER TIME!!!!  Yes, you read that correctly, FREE BEER!  Riders gathered in the Comedy Zone room at the host hotel to hoist a few beers, tells lots of stories and have a good time while waiting for the awards and Iron Butt Certificate presentations.  Sorry the pics aren't all the great, but between the cheap camera and lousy photographer, well, you get what you get :-)

Mike Kneebone, Mr. Iron Butt, addressed the riders and turned over the certificate presentation to Howard Entman.  Lots of riders received certificates from 1K Saddlesore to BB 1500 and BBG 1500. Very impressive group of riders.

Since I don't drink beer, I spotted Paul Pelland, LongHaulPaul and chatted for a bit.  Little did we know but he was to be the guest speaker at the banquet, and what a speech he gave!  If you don't know about Paul (where in the heck have you been?) here is a link to his website,  Paul has MS and has been riding to chase the cure for a number of years.  Way to go Paul!

Ah ha!  I spied my buddy, Bucky Dent in the lobby.  Bucky, Joel R. and I rode the Utah 1088 Rally together way back in 2010.  We all keep in touch and it was great to see both of them at this event!

Finally, banquet time.  Eric and I were honored to sit at a table reserved for IBA nobility and guests.  Here you see from left to right, Brian Roberts,  one of the IBR Tech Gurus, Lisa Landry, "the" IBR Rally Mistress, John Harrison, IBR Scribe and Paul Pelland, guest speaker.

The banquet room was packed.  Here are a few pics showing all the peeps chowing down.  The food by the way, was really delicious.

Awwwwww, me and Mike Kneebone!

Back again at our table, Paul Pelland, Ed Otto (standing and laughing), Heidi Still, a rider who has more than a million miles!, and my honey Eric.

After dinner, more awards were handed out and Paul Pelland delivered a fantastic speech that had us all laughing until our sides hurt.  What a great job!  Things wrapped up after that and we headed back to our room, mixed a final cocktail and took a walk around the parking lot.  We ran into Roger Nesbitt, one of the riders doing BBGs and got a chance to speak with him about his ride.  He had the difficult call of stopping his BBG and getting a finish receipt before getting to the final bonus location for the dedicated JAX BBG ride.  He realized he wasn't going to make it, but had over 1500 miles, so made the smart call to get a finish receipt instead of risking no cert at all.  Well done Roger!

Again, our 10:30 bedtime target got blown all to heck as we strolled the parking lot.  Just how much chatting and visiting can one do?  Apparently a LOT!  LOL, we finally hit the sack around midnight.  So much fun!

Hey, there is more fun to come so please stay with me!  Thanks for following and hope you are enjoying the adventure.



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