Monday, June 30, 2014

June 27, 2014 - Historic Gakona Lodge

I was sad to leave our Cabin by the Pond, but our adventure beckoned us on.  We got on the road before 8:00 am and basically backtracked to Anchorage.  It was raining (again) when we started but fortunately it didn’t last long and we actually got to see the scenery on our return trip.  It was outstanding indeed.  About 20 miles out of Soldotna I spied a cow moose with twin babies just hanging out in a gravel parking lot!  No pics because we were rolling.  Our ride was uneventful and we didn’t see anymore critters for a while.  We got occasional rain sprinkles but we were dressed for it.

Once we got past Anchorage we turned east to Palmer, AK where we stopped at Subway for a sammy lunch.  We motored on with Gakona, AK as our goal.  We rode the Glen Highway which was absolutely fantastic!!!!  Fortunately, the skies cleared quite a bit and we got some sun as we rode along.  Since this was a ride to get there day, we didn’t stop much.  However, we did get a few good pics along the way.

We found a nice spot to take a break, take a few pictures and chat with the locals who were there fishing and camping.

To our surprise we came upon the Matanuska Glacier and had to stop for photos.

We saw this rock art on the side of the road and thought of all of you stuck at home!

More scenery along the Glen Highway.  Really stunning (as has been our entire trip so far!)

We arrived in Glenallen, fueled up the bikes and continued on the Gakona, our lodging for the night.  Imagine our surprise when we found this!!!

An historic lodge and roadhouse out here in the middle of absolutely nothing!

Initially we rode past and I thought, we have to come back here and check it out.  However by the time we got to the second driveway we realized it was our stop for the night and we pulled in.

We checked in and were given our key to cabin #2.  Authentic, period correct log cabin dating from about 1930.  Oh, it did have running water but the cabin was truly an antique.  Actually this is a really cool place.  I can put up with less than 5 star accommodations. I should have taken pics of the interior.  You would have pity for me!  Our bed was a full size, ancient bed.  We really didn't get much sleep because we didn't fit on the bed, hahahaha.  Oh, and the bugs...once we turned on the funky oil heater, ants and bees started to wake up and make themselves known.  It was an interesting night to be sure!

Here is the outdoor facility.  (Not really :-) )
We had a swing in the back yard.

Swinging and drinking, doesn't get much better!
Beside the babbling brook.  No, it was really the Gakona river and it was flowing full and fast and dirty.  If you fell in, you would never get out.  On the other side of the road is the Copper River, home of the famous Copper River Salmon which is my absolute most favorite salmon.

We had a teepee in the backyard as well.  It had cots, firepit, camp chairs and all the amenities one could need.  We chose to stay in the cabin.

We walked around the complex and discovered all kinds of cool stuff.  In front of the restaurant are all kinds of old farming implements.

This is the outside of the Carriage House Restaurant.  We ate dinner here and it was truly gourmet.  We had salmon sauteed in a garlic butter, corn, baked potato with all the trimmings, salad bar and rolls.  Dinner was superb!

In addition to the restaurant, they also have a bar on the premises.  Very quaint!

I have to say the mosquitoes were the worst here than any place we've been on this trip.  I mean they were AWFUL.  We used bug juice but it didn't really seem to help.  I think I got at least 10 bites and they still itch!

Regardless of the bugs and bed, we did have a good time here.  I love the history and enjoyed talking to the owners.  They are a young couple, recently discharged from the Army.  They decided to raise their family here.  They have only been here since early May and I think they have a lot of surprises in store!  I hope they are made of tough stuff and are successful with their endeavor.

Our next destination is Haines Junction, YT.  So back to Canada and then we’ll return to Alaska to Haines, AK for a ferry ride to Skagway.  I’m so excited as our adventure continues! 


  1. Fortunate you...stunning pics....thanx

  2. Thanks Andre. It was a fantastic place!

  3. Really gorgeous area, great pics and the historic lodge sounds very cool!